Layout and dimensions

The layout of the venue lends itself to a range of sports and activities.

From the basic to the elaborate, we can accommodate nearly any request.

Sports hall specifications

The sports centre measures 110m x 32m and is separated into two sections by a permanent seating bank.


Number of Courts

Dimensions per Court

Badminton  16 6.1m x 13.4m A further four courts can be added to Court 2 for tournaments 
Basketball  5 15.1m x 27.1m  Includes shourt court - refer below
Futsal  5 15.1m x 30.5m Uses netball goal circle and mobile goals
Netball  5 15.1m x 30.5m  
Volleyball  5 9m x 18m  

Show court specifications

The show court features:

  • seating for over 1,000 people
  • 10 corporate boxes (accommodating eight people per box)
  • lighting capacity from 800 lux up to 1,800 lux (including TV camera lighting)
  • a mobile PA system that can be used for game announcements and playing CDs, and by roving MCs for home leisure and trade shows.
    It includes a headpiece for instructional purposes.

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Floor Plan

floor plan of the sports centre